Surviving Mount Rushmore

Young Adult story (actually, it’s really a chapter book)

mt rushmore

Four kids get lost at Mount Rushmore. Each embodies the personality one of the four presidents. Together these doppelgängers use their intellect and skill to find their way out of a hiking adventure gone all wrong.

I wrote this story fifteen years ago. It had great bones but the writing was terrible. I enjoy working on this when I find myself in need a of ‘history fix.’ It’s not a super effective way to write (bouncing around from story to story) but it does satisfy my creative itch.

Meet my version of kid presidents:

mount rushmore pres

Georgia Vernon
Georgia has no trouble taking charge of a situation. A blond haired leader who hates her shiny silver braces, Georgia keeps the group focused on their mission.

Jeff Clark
Jeff knows stuff. Rarely seen without his red head glued to a book, he finds all of those hours spent learning French and experimenting with plants just might pay off after all.

Abby Todd
Abby sees what her friends miss. A tall, quiet leader, she observes what’s happening around her and helps her friends make good choices.

Ted Rider
Ted knows adventure. The short, bespectacled boy has never met a bird or bear he didn’t love. Easily side-tracked by his various pursuits, Ted’s adventures wreak havoc for him and his friends.


→ The Companion Guide ←

*The teacher in me simply can’t help it. A companion guide will accompany this story. The story is intended to read like a fast fact scavenger hunt to learn more about these four presidents while having fun reading a cool story. It’s geared for 2nd-4th graders.

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