Surviving Mount Rushmore

Young Adult story (actually, it’s really a chapter book)

mt rushmore

Four kids get lost at Mount Rushmore. Each embodies the personality one of the four presidents. Together these doppelgängers use their intellect and skill to find their way out of a hiking adventure gone all wrong.

I wrote this story fifteen years ago. It had great bones but the writing was terrible. I enjoy working on this when I find myself in need a of ‘history fix.’ It’s not a super effective way to write (bouncing around from story to story) but it does satisfy my creative itch.

Meet my version of kid presidents:

mount rushmore pres

Georgia Vernon
Georgia has no trouble taking charge of a situation. A blond haired leader who hates her shiny silver braces, Georgia keeps the group focused on their mission.

Jeff Clark
Jeff knows stuff. Rarely seen without his red head glued to a book, he finds all of those hours spent learning French and experimenting with plants just might pay off after all.

Abby Todd
Abby sees what her friends miss. A tall, quiet leader, she observes what’s happening around her and helps her friends make good choices.

Ted Rider
Ted knows adventure. The short, bespectacled boy has never met a bird or bear he didn’t love. Easily side-tracked by his various pursuits, Ted’s adventures wreak havoc for him and his friends.


→ The Companion Guide ←

*The teacher in me simply can’t help it. A companion guide will accompany this story. The story is intended to read like a fast fact scavenger hunt to learn more about these four presidents while having fun reading a cool story. It’s geared for 2nd-4th graders.

Gloria’s Bridge

Gloria’s Bridge

This is the story I am most excited to tell! It’s a little mystery, history, and romance weaved into one lovely story.

Hangman's Bridge

Hangman’s Bridge in Alabama (similar to Gloria’s Bridge, which no longer stands)

The background

Only a few miles from my home in Childersburg, Alabama is a bridge we locals call Gloria’s Bridge. The legend about the bridge goes something like this: A girl named Gloria went to the bridge to wait on her beloved. Somehow she ended up jumping to her death. Now, her spirit hovers haunting anyone who dares to speak her name three times while standing on the old wooden bridge. Gloria’s Bridge is well-known in these parts. It’s a rite of passage for youth to challenge Gloria’s ghost late at night.

The bridge still stands (well, somewhat) but is no longer in use. A bypass was constructed. Everyone here knows the story.

But what about the rest of the story? What really happened to Gloria? I can’t wait to share my version. Stay tuned!


The blurb

Rock by Jennifer Barnett (The Rock, Paper, Scissors Contemporary Romance Series)

I made this cover for fun. Not sure about it, though. Your thoughts?

In this modern fairytale a Prince sets out on a quest to win a girl, the approval of his kingdom, and some much needed self-respect.

The girl, an expert on risk assessment, isn’t convinced a beach fairytale adds up to a happily-ever-after reality. His people aren’t convinced he’s worthy of the crown he’ll soon wear. And worst of all, he’s not convinced either.

Will the only ROCK in his life inspire him to change? Will the ROCK take the risk on him when she knows better?

Rock is book one of the three part series: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Enjoy a few excerpts, photos, and more detail to give you a glimpse inside this story.
Check back soon for more!

greatest yearning

once upon a beach

young - 1lineWed

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My charm bracelet. I’m a bit of a girly-girl.  ♥

charm bracelet


The story of Prince Jasper and soccer phenom, Anya Papyrus. Check back soon. I’ll share more from this story. ♥

Excerpt from chapter one:

Paper - chapter 1 excerpt



Book three in the series. Coming later. Way later.

Check back soon. I’ll share a brief blurb about this one!