What the Son Has Done for My Son


So, I’m sure you’ve noticed that teenagers are all over Twitter. They don’t hang out on Facebook anymore. Too many adults, I suppose. My son, a high school senior, tweets the most significant events from his day. His mention of me in this tweet made me quite happy.

I must tell you about Jackson. He’s a very gifted young man with a broad mind, deep convictions, and amazing potential. Most days I’m rendered speechless by his work ethic and dedication to his goals. He performs magic on a piano, playing both what he sees on the page and what he hears in his heart and ear. He blogs, writes, thinks, argues (mostly with himself), and is wise enough to laugh at himself when things get too intense. Jackson is a very high achiever, already earning full college tuition before his senior year even begins. I am genuinely grateful to God for Jackson’s blessings. No doubt.

Somehow I received an extra portion with this young man. He’s a rebel, but never with me and his dad. There’s much about this world he hates, but he always finds special ways to show his love for his family. He relishes his time alone, but never fusses when we want his company. He can’t wait to leave, but I am certain he’s not trying to get away from us. (Read this especially touching blog post Jackson wrote about his family.)

I don’t know if Jackson knows it or not, but he was made this way, and not by me or his dad. He has more gifts and unique skills than most people I know and this was not my accident. God has plans for Jackson and I can’t wait to have a front row seat to watch his life unfold.

Follow Jackson Barnett on Twitter and read his blog here.


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