What a Techno-Adolescent Does When it Rains

rainWhat do you do when it rains for a solid week?

Just today, I flipped channels, added 200 items to my pinterest boards, ate a piece of cake, then realized I needed something a little more involved or I’d go crazy. So, I’ve “redecorated” my blog. The fact that we leave for NYC on Tuesday and I haven’t done laundry should have been my boredom anecdote but that just involved more water, so I wasn’t interested.

I don’t know if I’ve earned a new status, but I came across a post from the early days of my blog that really made me laugh. In September 2007 I referred to myself as a techno-toddler. It’s six years later now which puts me right square in the middle of adolescence. Therefore, I will use that as my excuse for taking so long to do anything really special with this blog. As a techno-teen I’m moody, unpredictable, and totally unwilling to conform while secretly praying I fit in.

When I become a techno-adult I’ll be on top of the blogging thing. By then, no one will care. Well, except for me since adulthood will be all about self-improvement and reaching goals. Right?

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