A New Kind of Gym Membership

I totally get Chandler. I blog like he worked out.

Chandler & the gym

I used to feel guilty for this. (OK, maybe the fact that I’m writing this post is evidence that guilt lingers.) But, I’m moving on from this and I’ve decided to write for myself. 100% for myself. My guess is that would have been the whole purpose from the beginning, but like Chandler, lots of other stuff gets in the way when you choose to join a gym. Let’s review what I am doing about what I hate about traditional blogging.

  1. The writing. I don’t like most of my writing. I always felt as though I had to be smart or something. If I’m going to continue with this, I want to write thoughts. And most of those are random, odd, inconsequential, and pointless. 
  2. The reading. I always felt all sorts of worry about who might read what I have to say. Maybe that’s why I tried to appear smart. From now on, who cares who reads. Besides, it’s 100% for myself, so problem solved!
  3. The content. Coming up with catchy things to write about can grate on my nerves. How ridiculous. That’s the sort of pressure someone out there has in his or her paying job and probably hates it just as much. Why would I put that on myself on purpose — and for no real reward. OK– there is some reward to coming up with something cool. I have a few posts that crack me up. So, my solution is to think up more of those. GOAL: crack myself up more. Since I’m so odd, that should be fairly easy.
  4. The competition. Have you seen the bloggers out there? Every time I click on a pin on Pinterest to find out how to refinish my kitchen cabinets, some thrifty mom is blogging her butt off and making money doing it. Good Lord. Talk about chaining yourself to the gym. I just can’t get into that. Solution: This is all about me. If you like it, great. If you don’t, well, there are loads more for you to love out there.
  5. The time. We all have the same number of minutes in a day and I want to spend mine happily. No more fretting over this. Take only the time that feels right. Then quit.
  6. Bells and Whistles. Some folks blogs remind me of the rhinestones on Dolly Parton’s outfits. I get dizzy trying to focus. To be perfectly honest, I love bling and flash. If it would magically appear on my page without me having to spend ANY time creating it, I’m for it. Otherwise, it will be the only place where I’m plain and simple.
  7. Staying on top of stuff. Now this is my biggest problem with blogging like a pro. You have to know so much stuff. Now, I know some stuff. I hang in circles where I appear to be the one who knows a whole lot of stuff. But, I also hang in circles where I don’t know so much as well. I am good with that. I like having both spaces. But, I don’t care so much for the pressure to be the one to know stuff before other people know stuff.  You know what I mean? Solution: I know it when I know it. I’m willing to share if anyone needs it. But, I’m not in any hurry about the whole thing.

My new gym membership looks like this:

Write when you want, about whatever you want, and do it simply, briefly, with humor, kindness, and total lack of concern if anyone likes it.  Except me.

Let’s see what my workout regime will be now.


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