Strengths Based Approach for Teens


I am curious about something. 

Recently I took the Strengths Finder assessment. Wow. Powerful experience. Of course, validation of who I am is cool. For some reason, it made me feel good that a computer test could tell me what I really already knew about myself. But, it has done something else. I’ve really started focusing so much more on doing what I already do. Now, I seem to be doing it more. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve actually smiled to myself when I do something that is in line with one of my strengths. It’s like I’m taking a little daily dose of me and the side effects are pretty cool.

This sounds exactly like something teenagers should do. Imagine a world where teenagers see what’s great about themselves and constantly searching for things to do that they are good at doing that made them smile every day. Little too hard to imagine? Probably. Such a shift could push our world off is axis.  Let’s think smaller.

I’m imagining a school where that happens. What if every student in an entire school took the Strengths Finder assessment, learned more about themselves AND all of their classmates, and were provided opportunities to practice using their strengths in their school and community. What if students discussed contributions in their project based learning groups based on what they know of their own strengths? What if the basketball team, Key Club officers, band members, and the soccer team knew one another’s skills and abilities but also knew one another’s personal strengths? What could be accomplished then? Now, that’s not too big to imagine, is it?

Must figure out how to make this happen.  We only need about $6,000. Ideas?

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