Ten R & R Practices Sure to Refresh and Renew

How often do you rest? I mean, really relax. I haven’t studied the R & R concept much but I am curious about its correlation to other things in life. Logically, a rested and relaxed person is more productive. I’m going to assume that is correct. So, a reason to more thoroughly explore R & R is for the culturally acceptable idea that it will make one more productive. I do care about my work and I do want to be more productive. But that is not why I am thinking about rest and relaxation.

I have a better reason. I want more effective R & R because I want to enjoy life more. If that makes me a hippie, then so be it. I am going to brainstorm ten ways I can find the kind of rest and relaxation that will refresh my mind, body, and soul.

  1. Read more books that make me laugh.
    I need to break out of my genre rut. I need some crazy stuff on my Goodreads bookshelf.
  2. Exercise. At least a little bit.
    Let’s be honest — this one is a bit of a dream, but it could happen. I know I have felt so much better the two times I exercised. Must try really hard to do that again.
  3. Keep my bedroom clutter-free, my sheets freshly laundered, and the air scented.
    I did a bit of maintenance on my bedroom recently and find that I really love being in their now. Must take this to the next level. Sleep is not just sleep – it must be great sleep to be really restful.
  4. Get out of town.
    My husband and I love to hide out in the mountains for a few days after the end of his basketball season. It has finally ended, so I am pumped about this trip coming up next week! But, we need to do more short “day trips” more often during the year. The anticipation makes for a great mental escape!
  5. Play more.
    In the same vein as the books, I need to laugh more. I’m not sure what sort of play activity will make me laugh, but I need to do a very strategic search.
  6. Cook more.
    I am not much of a cook. But my family (two sons, husband) love to eat. In fact, they will do most anything for a great meal. My husband is well aware that he married someone a bit kitchen-challenged. But, I want my sons to have a few memories of their mom doing something special in the kitchen. Why would that be relaxing? Because I’d enjoy making them happy. And let’s be honest. Good food makes boys happy.
  7. Work less.
    I work all the time. I never say no. Well, I rarely say no. I need to pay much more attention to the clock. It tells me everything I need to know about work but I just ignore it. Crazy. I look at a clock at least 20 times a day. You’d think that would be enough reminders to do what I really need to do not what I feel obligated to do. (I should move this to #1 on the list.)
  8. Write more.
    Sometimes I have so many things bubbling around in my head that I can’t relax. I’ve started a novel and written ideas for other novels and short stories. I’m not sure if it would do me good to finish something or cause me to want to write more. But I do like how I feel after I’ve finished writing what was in my head. More of that would be cool.
  9. Limit stuff.
    Social media messes with your life. Even in moderation, I learn so much on Twitter that I have to start using what all I learn. While that is a good thing, I don’t have to learn quite so much quite so fast.  And other stuff needs to be limited, too. I need to limit how much sweet tea I drink. It’s decaffeinated, but it’s sweet. That’s not a good thing. An unsweetened tea is just wrong. I need to limit how much we eat out (another reason I need to cook). We all wish for more time, but we already have it. We just spend it on the wrong things.
  10. When summer arrives, I should swim.
    OK – right now our pool is green. Or it may be black. I try not to look. Either way, it will require extrication of massive amounts of leaves and other foreign bodies. My husband usually handles that. I must remind him to start now. But when summer arrives, I need to get in the pool. I don’t know what it is about the sun (Vitamin D, I guess) but it makes everything better. I must get in the water and soak up all the sun my mind, body, and soul needs. I can’t wait.
What is your rest and relaxation regimen? I’d love to steal your great ideas!


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