My Best Decision: Don’t Change Paths

At some time or other, everyone gets ants in their pants. We start looking around at other options. This can be great.  It can also be very dangerous. I looked around a bit not long ago and I’m so glad my circumstances were such that I didn’t jump. But, I learned a great deal in the process. I like my life as it is. And that’s a big thing to be able to say. I don’t want a different job, different title, different schedule, or a different set of challenges to work on. I’m happy with the road I’ve taken.

I don’t need a new path to make a big difference.  Over the course of the couple of years, I’ve found great inspiration in the fact that I am comfortable in my skin. I have no need to live my life in overdrive to impress anyone so I can passionately tackle the challenges that mean something to me. It’s not about me. It’s about empowering others.

I’m glad opportunities, options, and other paths are available. I feel the same way about shoes. When I find the perfect pair I don’t stop looking at other shoes. I enjoy looking around because it reminds me how great my decision was. After all, the perfect pair is about much more than the look. They must fit. They must make you feel something no other pair could make you feel. What I do fits me. I am a teacher. I don’t want to be anything but that. Even though I’m moving back into a position as a technology integration specialist this year, I am still a teacher. I know that no other role can replace how I feel about being a teacher. I truly value the work of school and district administrators as well as other valuable education professionals. I believe it is very important for me to remain in constant partnership with every stakeholder in education. As a teacher leader building bridges of communication with these partners can make a tremendous difference. I can speak up on behalf of teachers. But for me to do this, I must remain a teacher. I am truly happy with where I am.

Besides, It is summer and I’m about to go get in the pool and read a book.

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