My Year as a Top Ten List

Ten Things That Have Happened Since My Last Post

  1. I spent a year in a 1:1 classroom teaching World History (9th grade), 9th grade English, and 11th grade English.
  2. I practiced many of the things I preach.
  3. I failed to practice many more of the things I preach.
  4. I’ve co-moderated monthly Twitter chats on the #teaching2030 hashtag.  It has quickly grown quite popular! (#8 on Edudemic’s 20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know)
  5. My husband spent this entire school year sick.  Who knew that mono was so rough on us older folks?  Thankfully, he is much better now.  Although weak and tired, my precious husband surprised me with a post-Christmas trip to San Antonio.  Awesome.
  6. I wrote a little bit this year.  SEEN magazine, Future of Teaching blogEdWeek TeacherEd Week Teacher Follow-up
  7. My oldest son got his driver’s license.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever truly rest again.
  8. I was hired as the Technology Integration Specialist at Childersburg High School for next school year.  I will help lead the transition at this school to a 1:1, college and career ready/PBL curriculum, which I have been doing since March.
  9. I’ve travelled to Arizona, Denver, and North Carolina to speak to groups of educators and work with other teacher leaders through my work with the Center for Teaching Quality.
  10. I hosted the best post-graduation party for my nephew, Jacob.  It wasn’t the best because the food, decorations, attendance, and details were perfect.  It was the best because of how it made me feel to do it.  It’s up there on my list of “Things I’ll Never Regret Doing.”  (a list I really must write someday)
I’m not sure these ten things are my “top ten” of the year but it is a bit of what’s been happening in my life.   I didn’t write much at all for myself.  It turns out that I really missed that.  So, here’s to trying to shake things up a bit next year!

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