My Short List

Batteries.  A lightbulb.  A black tablecloth.  Some ink pens.  And a small trashcan.

That’s my first list of this school year.  Those are the supplies I need to get things off to the start I want.  I’m impressed that the list is so short.  I’m also impressed that I’ve managed to work in my classroom several days before I made the list.  That means I remembered to bring most of the stuff I needed to my classroom before making the list.   There’s a science to getting a classroom ready to open school.  And lists are definitely a part of it.  So, having such a short one has to mean something.  I just wonder what that is.  Let me give it a guess, in list form, of course!

  1. I’ve improved my memory.  I no longer need lists because I remember most of what I need to know.
  2. I’m so rested and relaxed from my summer break that I can accomplish 10 times as much in a day as I could back in May.
  3. I’ve prepared a classroom for the start of school 21 times.  That special brand of experience finally pays off.
  4. I’ve collected so much junk over the years that I couldn’t possibly need anything else.
  5. It’s a sign.  This year will be the very best school year of my career.
I’m going to leave it at that.  Whatever the reason for my short list I’m going to take it and celebrate it while I can.  My new year’s resolution to simplify life seems to be in a nice little holding pattern.  Wonder if that peace and tranquility will endure?


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