If the Deathly Hallows Were Real…


OK – so not a real end, but one that has wizards and muggles drowning their sorrows in their butterbeer.  Harry Potter fans have looked forward to this week as much as they’ve dreaded it. All of us mark the bittersweetness of the end of the Potter films in different ways.  I wanted to throw a big Harry Potter party but never seemed to pull it together.  Thus, I will have to settle on celebrating the Deathly Hallows.

The story of the Deathly Hallows was truly brilliant. Each time I reread the books I appreciate the many layers to this fantastic story. Everyone would agree that the Harry vs. Voldemort story is epic. But I believe there is a timeless appeal of the deathly hallows storyline.  Thus, I’d like to mark the end of the films by considering how I might use each of the hallows, both for personal gain and for the good of others.  (I know, I know.  Someone worthy of the hallows wouldn’t use them for personal gain.  But this is my blog post and I am giving myself permission to be greedy.)

The Wand of Destiny

Personal – If the “Death Stick” was in my possession, I’d use it to cook and clean.  I know the wand is intended to be so powerful that it could defeat any enemy.  Well, that’s my enemy.  I don’t think my family would argue with this one at all!

Good of Others – I’d wave it around the world Teddy Roosevelt style.  I really think the dark world needs a big bad dog to scare them into acting less like bulldogs and more like poodles.

The Resurrection Stone

Personal – This is easy.  I’d bring my mom back long enough for a good chat.  She died last July 23rd and there’s so much I should have said.  While she knows everything I’d say, it would be so great if I could just see her face when I say it.

Good of Others – I could bring back Teddy Roosevelt to wave the big stick around.  But I think I’d rather bring back Thomas Jefferson.  I think he’d have a lot to say about today’s state of affairs and might offer just the suggestions we need to get ourselves heading toward the best possible future – both as individuals and a nation.  Plus, it would be a hoot to see him play with an iPhone.

The Cloak of Invisibility

Personal – I’d use it to scare folks who like to scare kids on Halloween.  That would be funny.

Good of Others – Talk about the best use ever.  I’d go to Washington and do my rounds.  I’d start with Congress and make my way all around town.  My mission would be to inform the public what is really going on behind closed doors.  I’d be the most mysterious whistleblower ever.  I’d be like Spiderman and Superman – always there BUT no one would ever see me.  They’d count on me to keep the suits in line.  And somehow I wouldn’t allow myself to get drunk with the power.  Wow…. No wonder Harry kept the cloak.

So what might you do with the Deathly Hallows?  Would love to hear from my fellow Potter fans also celebrating the end.

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