Where Should the Journey Begin?

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wolf_logoWhen I first began my journey to the center of the web, I didn’t have much in my backpack.  I started with a wiki.  It turned out to be something of a Swiss Army Knife for me.  I still feel much the same about my wiki as I did years ago.  It was such a natural web tool for me and my students.   We worked together to create an online representation of what we were learning in the classroom.  To see a bit of what we did together, visit the FHS Wolves Den wiki.

I learned so much about all other web tools trying to master the use of a wiki.  People ask me often where to begin learning web tools.  I still believe using a wiki is one of the best possible places a teacher can begin.  It really is the coolest tool.

When I became a Technology Integration Specialist a couple of years ago, I shifted my attention to a different wiki.  This wiki bearing my name (Jennifer Barnett) houses examples of technology integration, presentations, links to sites, tutorials, and other information.  But, this one isn’t nearly as fun.  It doesn’t function like a wiki where a group of people own the site and create content together.  I add things to this wiki almost every day, but I’d love to have other contributors.  I think my mistake was naming it after myself.  It is easy for teachers to find, but not very inviting for them to participate in creating content when it bears someone else’s name.  So, lesson learned.  If I really want a true wiki, I should have approached this differently.  But, the wiki is full of good information.  Here’s a little taste.

Wiki Hot Spots

Wiki Updated

Links to the Pages in the Chart Above:

My Web Wardrobe;  My Digital Sewing Kit;  Tutorials and Tip Sheets;  Integration Pages: Students Using Their Voice;  More Integration Examples;  Character Metaphors;  Active Learning Strategies Consider this your invitation to join this wiki and become a contributor.

Where to Begin?

Where did your journey to the center of the web begin?  How did you become an advocate for using web tools with your students?  Did you teach yourself or learn from a trusted colleague or other professional development experience?  Share with me your thoughts on the best beginner web tool for a teacher. I’m very curious as to your opinion on the best tool for a teacher to use to begin his or her own journey to the center of the web!  Thank you so much for taking time to share your experiences and opinions.

2 thoughts on “Where Should the Journey Begin?

  1. Brandi says:

    I agree the wiki is one of my favorite places to start because it feels so much like tools teachers are already familiar with. I also like to show them Delicious or Diigo. Many teachers already see a need for saving their bookmarks online so they can access them other places. The beauty of these social bookmarking sites is that teachers can immediately begin enjoying the collective knowledge of colleagues all over the world on topics that they would be researching anyway. Many love how easy it is to start group or student accounts where students can then leverage that collaboration in their research efforts. I especially love the highlight and sticky notes features.


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