When Harry Met John David

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John David will compete in his first technology competition on Friday at Jacksonville State University. He is a 3rd grader at Watwood Elementary School and is extremely blessed to have Kim Broadhead as his teacher. He is so excited about this competition. I am so proud that he has worked so hard to make his project exactly what he wanted. John David’s wiki houses all of his work. John David’s love of all things Harry Potter has actually proved very useful for a school project. Hopefully, his first technology competition will be a magical experience for my little buddy!


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One thought on “When Harry Met John David

  1. Susie Highley says:

    I would have enjoyed this even if I weren’t a Harry Potter fan myself. This is very impressive for a third grader. I wish all students had the opportunity to create something like this, because it demonstrates so many good practices and learning. Good luck at the competition.


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