Making My Life Easier – Less Can Be More


In an effort to simplify life, I’ve started thinking about the small things.  Lots of folks say “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  But I’m actually totally focused on the small stuff, trying to make sure none of it grows into something bigger and difficult to manage.  I’ve learned that stress and frustration rarely grows from one particular thing.  Often lots of things build up and then one medium-sized thing just sends you over the edge.  (maybe not even a medium thing)  So, I’m not going to allow small things to crowd out my enjoyment of life.  Here are a few things I’ve done to make life easier to live.

Thing #362No need to obsess about stuff – things generally go pretty well without the drama. Today I lead a bit of technology PD for the faculty at Winterboro that seemed to go fairly smoothly.  Normally, I’d go into overdrive planning something like today’s PD, but I didn’t this time.  I prepared a few things before the Christmas break and put a little bit of thought time into the planning (basically reflecting on the things I’d been thinking about that need to be done) and pulled together a tight agenda rather quickly.  I felt good about doing this since I’d done lots of this type of PD.  I have to trust what I know about technology and how teachers learn to use it.  I have to trust how well I know teachers (as a whole and individually).  I have to trust myself to think on my feet.  Sometimes, being too prepared is a turnoff for folks and causes you to miss those amazing teachable moments.  All in all, less can definitely be more!

Thing #361Teachers should eat out whenever possible. Though lunchrooms across America are trying to reinvent themselves, most school dining choices leave teachers unsatisfied.  We enjoyed a wonderful little lunch at Cafe Royale in Talladega today.  Good food and good friends help to make this first “school” meal of the year a very satisfying experience.

Thing #360Clean for 10 minutes, enjoy the rest of the evening. When I got home from school, my boys had managed to demolish much of the tidy housework I did over the break.  (They don’t go back to school until Wednesday.)  So I forced a ten minute clean sweep on the place.  I immediately felt my blood pressure slow its pace.  Now I can relax and enjoy a quiet evening.  Oh what a great feeling!

Thing #359Ignore your “to do” list. I totally accomplished some things at work today and none of them were on my list.  Actually, I didn’t even make a list – I’m mostly referring to the one in my head.  But I accomplished things that needed to get done and I’ll get to the rest when I get to it.  No big deal.  BTW, this one is pretty funny considering my obsession with list-making.

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