365 Things That Make My Life Easier

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Easy [ee-zee] not hard or difficult; effortlessly clear and fluent; not forced or hurried; moderate

For most people, a new year always induces  an extra dose of reflection.  This year for me, this extra dose constitutes a near overdose.  I’ve spent the last six months in deep reflection on my life.  When my mom died on July 23rd I experienced all the things one experiences when this happens – shock, denial, regret, depression, heartbreak, and total grief.  I’ve rearranged and redefined parts of my life hoping to align my actual life with the one I want.  But somehow I don’t think I’ve done all I need to do to simplify my life.  So, there it is.  My 2011 mission.  Make Life Easier to Live. I plan to do something every day during 2011 that will make my life easier, more simple.  I don’t want to get too complicated with this, though.  I don’t need another task on my “to do” list.  I just need to change my focus and perspective.  My life needs to be about the things I love and enjoy.  Spending more time doing those things will take some effort.  When I reflect back on 2011 at year’s end, I hope to have done at least 365 things that have made my life easier to live.


Thing #365 I published my thoughts on what I want to do.  This might be the easiest thing I’ll do all year.  Now I have to begin my search for all the things that make life effortlessly clear and fluent.  I like the idea of living in a moderate pace – like on Andy Griffith’s man in a hurry episode.  (absolutely classic episode)  Just stating my goals puts me closer to reaching them.

Thing #364So far, I’ve kept my kitchen clean.  I cleaned out all of my cabinets over the holidays and performed a Cinderella scrub on the whole place.  The kitchen is part of the start of every day, so it should stay clean and organized.  I moved some things around and discovered that I need to do a bit more.  I have a big closet in the basement that could store my giant collection of dishes and serving pieces so that I could move these items from my pantry.  So, I must clean that closet and have some sturdy shelves built.  I’ve drooled over this amazing dish heaven for a year, but have made peace with the fact that I need something small, simple, and efficient for storing my dishes.  Then all things in my kitchen will be stored in roomy shelves with space to breath and be found.  Nice.  Stuff that doesn’t just take up real estate, but is actually used.  How simple!

Thing #363Drink coffee or tea from my Keurig coffee maker. Now this is a dream for coffee and tea lovers.  I love the simple joy of making myself a cup of my favorite brew without having to make an entire pot.  There’s something perfect about a whatever is going on while you drink a cup of coffee or tea.  This ritual is akin to prayer.  And one can never pray too much.

So, I have 362 more to go.  Listing these things actually feels pretty good.  I really think I’m going to like 2011.

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