25 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

I never stick to resolutions made at the start of a new year, so I thought about trying something different.  Since I love making lists, I thought I’d make a “to do” list for the remainder of the year.  I’ll stuff in a few contenders that might have made a resolution list and see if I have more success in the month before year’s end than the month after it!

Here’s what I needed to do this year, but didn’t.


(Listed in no particular order; To be completed in no particular order, as well!)

    1. Put a new trashcan on the driver’s side area in the garage. This might lead to a less cluttered car.  Might.
    2. Frame charcoal drawings of Jackson and John David. What’s the use in having great artwork done of your children when it’s still in a paper bag?
    3. Throw away everything in the junk drawer in the kitchen. Somehow I think some new junk will accumulate this year, so I shouldn’t miss any of it.
    4. Get rid of old shoes. I’m really not ever going to wear those boots with 5″ heels.
    5. Buy a container for dog/cat food. While our cat (totally not my favorite living creature) loves the random food strewn around the kitchen floor, I must remember that it’s my house and I can take it back.
    6. Go without television for a day. In fact, I should do this for a month.  Without all of that noise, I will be able to hear all the crazy noise going on inside my head.
    7. Get back to nature. Well, I’m really not a tree-hugger, but I can go without my computer and my iphone for an entire Saturday.  That would be good for lots of people, not just me.
    8. Drink hot chocolate. It’s always hot in the south, so now’s the time for hot chocolate and it’s just really tasty.  No marshmallows, though.  They mess up the consistency.
    9. Play with John David.  My 8 year old needs to know I love him and this is the best way.  Anything he chooses – uninterrupted play for an hour or until he gets tired of me.
    10. Listen to some exceptional music. A concert would be great.  If not, I will listen to my amazing son, Jackson, play the piano.  One day people will pay to hear that young man play.  I must remember to enjoy it while it’s free.  (“Ha!” she says, recalling exactly how much free really costs in lessons!)
    11. Watch a House marathon. OK, I’ve done this one this year, but I meant to do this more.
    12. Go to one of Al’s away games. My husband coaches high school basketball and always fusses that I never go to any away games.  His team is always really great and since this is a “rebuilding year” I think I’d earn more points for going to an away game this year than all those years they made it to the playoffs.  Maybe.
    13. Get a new watch battery. Since I’m over forty, I still use a watch.  I know, that’s weird when I have a phone on me as well.  We old folks are odd that way.
    14. Get rid of the clothes John David has outgrown. Someone somewhere needs 25 pair of jeans with holes in both knees.
    15. Buy some more storage containers. It makes undoing Christmas more fun.
    16. Listen to the Doobie Brothers. Maybe even download some from itunes and listen on the go.  Such happy music.
    17. Send my husband a card. I bought one some time back.  Maybe I’ll even write a little poem in it for him.  He’s been so good to me this year.
    18. Decide on cabinet knobs for the kitchen. For a solid year, I’ve had four different knobs on my cabinets after a mini-remodel last January.  It’s time to make a choice.  After all, they’re just knobs.
    19. Drink coffee from a new Keurig coffeemaker. I know I’ll get this for Christmas since I bought in for myself.  I’ll wrap it and act excited.  I’ve wanted it for years.
    20. Change out my everyday dishes. I have enough of my grandmother’s dishes to swap them out.  It’s been a difficult year for me and this would make me smile everyday.  Don’t know why I haven’t already done this.
    21. Write a blog post with absolutely no intention of publishing. I need to write for myself.  And totally be myself.
    22. Read at least one of the books I’ve set aside this year. I have nearly ten books on or near my nightstand that I’ve set aside this year.  I can motor through one of them in December.
    23. Remember to forget about work when I’m with my family. Like many educators, work can easily consume me.  I must reflect on that.  What would I really like to have consume me?  I’m more in favor of a great Mexican meal, a marathon of Harry Potter movies, creating tablescapes, or hanging out with my family.  Certainly not work.
    24. Pray without ceasing.  Only praying during my routine time has sort of made it routine.  I need to break some rules.
    25. Cry some happy tears. Losing my mother on July 23rd of this year has been the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced.  I totally plan to keep on crying as this year closes, I just want to smile and laugh while I do it.  She would have been the perfect person to ask for advice on how to do this.

I am actually a bit excited to try this new take on New Year’s resolutions.  I’m not making any, but I do have a “to do” list that can be managed.  It might be the kind of start to a new year that I really need.  Now to print this list to put in my purse.  I might buy a special pen for checking each one off this month.  (Or just use something in that junk drawer before I chuck it all in the garbage!)

Merry Christmas and Happy Resolution/List Making to everyone!

3 thoughts on “25 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

  1. Jennifer Barnett says:

    Update on my list:
    I’ve gone without TV, computer, and phone for more than a day! (I may repeat this)
    Jackson and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra – a totally wonderful experience for both of us.
    I cleaned out my dish cabinet so I can relocate grandmother’s dishes this weekend.
    I gave Al the card I bought.
    I looked for a House marathon. I may buy the DVD set for myself after Christmas.
    I played with John David, but need to do this more.
    I cried some very happy tears just last night. I think my dad and sister will love their Christmas present. I know I love it. (Will update after Christmas.)

    Lots more to do. School’s out on Friday and I’m going to get right on it. 🙂


  2. Jennifer Barnett says:

    I’ve completed a few more from my list:
    Changed out my dishes, cleaned out two of my closets, cleaned out JD’s room, cleaned out every one of my kitchen cabinets, watched a HOUSE marathon, got a new watch (now, I don’t have to get a new battery), drank hot chocolate, coffee, and tea from my new Keurig coffee maker, and cried lots today.

    Still need garbage can, storage containers, frame some pictures, clean junk drawer, read, and write. Almost there.

    I sort of like this activity. It’s like goal setting, but more fun.


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