Podcasting Camp: All Play and No Work!

Geek Paradise

podcast_ctap_smallFor the past three days, I’ve been in geek paradise.  Around 50 geeky teachers came together at Guntersville State Park to play with their Mac or PC to produce podcasts.  It’s always fun to be with other teachers – we are a breed of our own.  But this group has been especially interesting.  When we lost power (the wind blew a bit hard on day two), no one seemed to be bothered a bit.  It takes a special type of teacher to roll with loss of power when creating web-based and computer-based products.  Love it!

These types of workshops and camps are designed to be a great learning experience.  And it has been.  Yet, the inspiration I have received watching others play has been the best takeaway this week.  When other geeky adults have so much fun playing with their work, you can’t help but enjoy your own work even more.  I must remember this lesson this coming year.  WE NEED TO PLAY MORE!  I know Dan Pink would agree.  I know our students will agree.  Having fun IS what life is about and I plan to have more of it at work, even if I have to schedule fifteen minutes a day just for laughing.  Cheers!

Alabama Learning Exchange

Here’s the podcast that I’ve submitted to ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange).  The Podcast Treasury, Gallery 360, houses the podcasts from teachers and other institutions in Alabama.   As soon as my podcast, The Ellis Island Experience, is up on the ALEX site I will update with a link to that site.  More information on this project can be found on my class wiki.

4 thoughts on “Podcasting Camp: All Play and No Work!

  1. Jennifer Barnett says:

    They plan to have another camp in November. (Not sure the location yet.) I will definitely send info your way. I’m so happy to brag on the ALEX staff. They are very well organized and lead very effective training for Lesson Plans on ALEX, Thinkfinity, and podcasting for Macs and PCs. Such a breath of fresh air to see progressive work from ALSDE, right? Keep reminding me to send info along. You’ll definitely want to get involved in this!


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