Serving Others Online

Hundreds of help sites exist for teachers trying to integrate technology into their practice and their students’ experiences. With a grateful heart to the many who have allowed me to lurk and learn, I am offering my help site to others. As with all learning experiences, it is a work in progress. I am trying to put together the things that have helped me as well as presentations I’ve put together that I wished someone had done for me.

Should you like to see my efforts, visit my wiki.

2 thoughts on “Serving Others Online

  1. Todd Grant says:

    I am a special education teacher in Wisconsin and am going to try implementing more technology into my teaching. I am extremely excited about the possibilities, but like you mentioned, there are hundreds of sites to help teachers. Its beginning to feel overwhelming with all the possibilities and the depth that technology can be taken in the class. Also a little scary. Do you have any advice for getting started integrating technology into the classroom. What would be a good first step. I’m hoping to go beyond just a “hunt and peck” sort of approach and truly integrate technology into the classes I teach. A long term goal would be a practically paperless classroom.


  2. Jennifer Barnett says:

    You are right. It can quickly become overwhelming with so much out there, especially when much of it’s new to you. Go to my wiki ( and click on Web Wardrobe in the navigation bar. Look at the categories to see one or two things that look promising. Focus on ONLY those. Don’t try to do anything else. Play with that tool as if you were going to use it in your life. In fact, try to use one for your own benefit. AFTER you are comfortable with it (don’t try to become an expert), share it with your students. Tell them you are learning and ask them to learn with you. It will be fun and you will bond with your students in brand new ways.

    Meanwhile, feel free to email me for support. I’m just like you – still overwhelmed, even after years of this work. Remember, just one thing at a time!



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