All for Cheerleaders, Stand Up and Holler!

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Cheerleaders are an essential part of American society. We don’t really want to admit that, but it is true.

Lots of folks like to poke fun at their boundless energy and upbeat demeanor. For years, cheerleader skits have turned mundane episodes of Saturday Night Live into instant classics. Our society seems to collectively nod in agreement that cheerleaders are too peppy, positive, and pretty. We seem to be happy with the notion that the leaders of all the cheer are empty headed creatures with little substance, contributing nothing of value to our more mature and important existence. We might say, cheerleadering is for eight year old girls in need of exercise and a boost of self-esteem.

Take the cheerleader out of our society. What is left? (I know I’d miss the TV show about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.) Who will make you treats on the day of your biggest challenge? Who will tell you “Good Luck” with a giant handmade sign? Who will tell all your friends to support you? Who will be there for you when you aren’t sure you want to be there yourself? When you are losing, who will say, “That’s alright, that’s ok, we’re gonna win it anyway!”? Who exists because you exist? Whose entire purpose is to give you support and encouragement? Who will celebrate your successes and as well as help you bear the burden of your shortcomings? And who would do this knowing that others fail to appreciate them? Well, I’m guessing you know.

I say we need more cheerleaders and not just the teenage kind. Be certain that you understand the difference between cheerleaders and PR people. We don’t need any more PR people. A good PR person is a magician, making what might be nothing seem like everything. We need cheerleaders. We need the kind of people that are all about other people, not the kind that are about promoting themselves. Families need to cheer for each other more. Those within our government need to cheer for each other more. Nations need to cheer for one another. And teachers need to lift one another with encouragement and support and lay down the complaints and burdensome venting traditionally spilled at the daily lunch table.

We all need to borrow the language of the cheerleader. When we change what we say to one another, we might could change the effect we have on those around us. It’s like our economy. We know that hanging on to money is bad for everyone. We all need to spend to keep the entire group financially strong. We need to spread some cheer in the same manner.

Being willing to mimic the cheerleader’s concept of existing for the betterment of another person is a noble endeavor. Now, how could our society be so dense in our opinions about cheerleading? They are a valuable source of inspiration, encouragement, and hope. Cheering isn’t just for eight year old girls or peppy, positive, and pretty high school teens. Receiving cheer is an essential need of the people in our nation. Our nation’s cheerleaders need some help to get the job done. The good news is you don’t have to tryout to get a spot on this team.

4 thoughts on “All for Cheerleaders, Stand Up and Holler!

  1. melissa says:

    It is weird because when I read this earlier in the week, I had just returned from a basketball game, which, unfortunatly, we lost. I remember making the statement that the cheerleaders from the other team were really getting on my nerves. It is too bad that we have this opinion about overly positive people in our daily lives. Everyone, including myself, can be so quick to insult another, make rude comments, anything degrading and negative. If we all took iniative to conduct positive conversation, our daily lives could improve greatly. We might have less alcoholics and people who committ suicide. This is such a small step we could take to improve our well being as a society.


  2. Kim Knight says:

    As a forever cheerleader I love your article. I am sending a link to my fellow teachers. I also think I will run around the building during my planning period and see if I can still do one of my jumps!!! I am inspired.


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