Getting From Here to There

Today in English class I listened to the teacher. Even though the teacher was me, I heard her say, “It’s not about the product right now, it’s about the process.” We were writing essays focusing on personal conflict – with all of the fun of analyzing and picking apart the dramatic issues of today’s teens. But that “process” comment seemed to become glued inside my head all day long.

I am techno-toddler trying to grow up too fast. My serious efforts to use technology in my classroom began under a year ago. Yet, I want so much to be a grown-up blogger, podcaster, wiki wizard, and web tool handyman. I find so many inspiring examples of teachers doing all sorts of amazing things that I figure I should be among them. That passionate urge to be the “best in show” settled deep within me such a long time ago. But that urge to be patient with myself never took root in me. So, I find myself more frustrated than anything – just like my students writing essays about conflict.

So, I must take my own words to heart. The process of discovery and understanding takes time. It is essential that I grow through techno-adolescence and beyond at a slow, reflective pace. With a clearer perspective of tech methods, I can better serve my students and other teachers. The process of becoming “best in show” is much more important than the final product presented in the show itself.

Sometimes the teacher actually says something worth remembering.

4 thoughts on “Getting From Here to There

  1. Sharon Wright says:

    I love your term “techno-toddler.” It applies to so much that I am doing, and that I am frustrated about, with, because of….you name it. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who wants to get instant gratification with our technology bug. It has definitely bitten us, and getting the tools to feed our addiction is a big challenge. So, here I am at 11:23 P. M. on a school night, researching, surfing, and blogging about this wonderful techno-toddler teething time. Did I mention that blogging wasn’t even in my vocabulary 2 years ago, and that I remember being so excited when our typing teacher introduced us to the electric typewriter?? That was just in 1988. Good Lord!!!


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