Well, hello there. Glad you stopped by.

I’m Jennifer. I taught high school history and English for a bunch of years. I was one of ‘those’ teachers. You know, one who had 457,695 projects certain to make learning fun? Now, I spend my days doing other teachery stuff. I go overboard there, too. My sincere apologies. We overzealous types really can’t help ourselves.

I spend my nights and weekends making up stuff and writing it down. Passion is useful for writing. Since it’s a self-contained sport, writing doesn’t wear out my tribe. (well, not much, anyway) I’m working on several projects. A few kissy books. A kid’s adventure story. A story about a girl and a bridge. The only common thread in these stories is me. My roots. My imagination. My perspective of the world.

You are most welcome to join me in the journey as I share these stories with the world. Find me on social media. I’m over there talking about something right now. Did I mention I’m a little overzealous?